Friday, 5 July 2013

8. Prevention tips for working from home safe

As more and more people are scammers join in the online home business, increasingly also have a day online. Many of these scammers are usually very smart, one of the reasons why is very essential for any online business to protect themselves and their businesses. It is not complicated, which is required for secure online business. What everyone needs is safe to do business online more caution and prudence. These 8 tips are very helpful in this search.

01 Dealing only with secure web sites. Learn to deal only with trusted and secure sites with good reputation. Make sure that your computer has software up-to-date antivirus is equipped. Always away quickly navigate their web sites, software antivirus, if online homework routine.

02 Find out their rights, before you have to do. Before making any purchase or offers, knowing in advance what their rights are. Rights of refund, cancellation of orders or exchange of goods is not guaranteed by many companies online. That you have should always be the rights and privileges before that you have to do.

03. Watch out for illegitimate Web sites. Many online sites tend to be false and illegitimate. Some pages are normally made with the sole purpose of the unsuspecting dealer designed scam. They should be careful with those sites and try to avoid them. Always in search of strange pop-ups and feeble literature on screen, usually those sites to characterize.

04 Be careful with social networking sites. Many online scammers now ply their craft in the social media. They are usually very soft, smooth talking and very misleading. She could even to imitate fraudulent offers your hack account. Be on guard always perfect strangers, who strive to better meet social networks.

05 Avoid fake e-cards. Open only postcards from sources that you know and trust. You must delete others quickly, because they contain many postcards tend to be very dangerous virus.

06 Avoid suspicious links. Avoid full hyper links from unknown sources. Even if you know the source, but to an external web site with a hyperlink leads, ignore it. Not give a hyperlink all security information, such as passwords and user names. Many online scammers have perfected surfers online safety information for the use of hyperlinks.

07 Comply with very strong passwords. For sites, and in others where do you need to learn in stores, use strong passwords. In this way, entering your website it is very very difficult.

08 Use cell phones only to known sites. It is much easier for hackers to defeat the safety of mobile phones than computers. You should only in places is very familiar and therefore used cell phones of confidence.

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